our wishlist...

Our greatest wish is for someone to donate some land to keep the horses and run Hooves, or to find someone who has property who would let us lease or share it.  Our biggest expense is board.  We also would like to be able to rescue more horses and take more riders! 


Horse & Barn Supplies:

Gift Certificates to Novato Horse and Pet Supply! 

Helmets-new or gently used only please-small and mediums only (no Larges)

Trail boots-Easy Boots Size 5 

Instructional Aids and Game Equipment found at www.freedomrider.com/

Fly masks-Large or draft size

Salt block with minerals

Fly spray-non-toxic

Senior LMF grain, unstabilized rice pellets, grass pellets

Gently used saddle pads

Western headstalls (snaffle bits only)

Previcox-arthritis medication purchased monthly


Office Supplies:

Ink cartridges

Printer Paper

Forever Stamps