The real heroes!  

We would love to introduce our team, the horses that make our program possible. Meet Shamrock, Tenita, and Dagny. We also tip our hats to our angels who have crossed the rainbow bridge to horsie heaven.  We will remember you always.  



Registered Quarter Horse

13 Years with Hooves

Shamrock belonged to a young girl at the barn where I used to train.  She rode English and used him for showing.  She was going away to college and her parents wanted to sell him, but the family discovered he could not pass a vet check because he had terrible arthritis, especially in his hocks.  They gave up trying to sell him and were considering their options and decided to donate him, which they did in 2005.  Hooves has paid for injections in his joints regularly to keep him comfortable, but lots of walking is the best treatment!  Being a therapy horse has been the perfect job for him. 

Shamrock became famous for his tolerance.  I had one child who loved to play with his loose lower lip.  He would yank his lip down and squeal, “TEETH!” and play with his lip like Mr. Ed.  Shamrock would not only tolerate it, but would drop his head the little boy’s height so he could do it. 

I also had a situation with a loose horse in the arena while I was getting a little girl on Shamrock.  I had a choice between holding Shamrock’s rope or running for the little girl.  I dropped the lead rope and headed for her, but we were cornered in the arena.  The only thing between us and the loose horse was Shamrock.  Instead of running off or walking away, Shamrock looked back at me and the girl, and spread his feet out to brace himself.  He was going to stop the horse from running into us.  The horse did run right for us, and Shamrock stayed there to protect us.

I knew then Shamrock was special.  Since then he has touched the lives of hundreds of children.



Registered Norwegian Fjord

4 Years with Hooves

Carolyn Connor, the coach of Morning Star Vaulters, has been kind enough to share this gem with us!  Tenita has been a vaulting horse for 10 years on the Morning Star Vaulting Team.  She is used for summer camp at Morning Star and has training in English riding, jumping and has done many parades.   She is now 22 and loves kids.  Thank you, Carolyn, for letting us enjoy her!


Registered Norwegian Fjord

2 Years with Hooves

Dagny is also a Norwegian Fjord, so she looks like Tenita's twin.  She is 9 years old and was used as a driving horse.  She is in training for vaulting and dressage, and was a natural therapy horse due to her mellow and sweet disposition.  Thank you, Susan Olsen, for letting us use her for our program! 


Rocky was Hooves for Harmony's very first therapy horse!  He was a rescued from horrible abuse and had to be rehabilitated to trust people again.  He spent 15 years working with children and connecting to people in a way that is hard to explain.  He was cuddly and loved attention. He was loved deeply by many riders and volunteers. He will never be forgotten.  


Our angels...

Skip gave nearly ten years of his life to Hooves for Harmony. He was a wonderful therapy horse and a member of the family.  He is dearly missed, and made a difference in the lives of many, many children.

Sisco spent the last five years of his life as a beloved Hooves for Harmony horse.  Sisco was patient, kind, and loved children.  He is sorely missed.

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