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The real heroes! 
We would love to introduce our team, the horses that make our program possible. Meet Shamrock, General, and Freyja. We also tip our hats to our angels who have crossed the rainbow bridge to horse heaven.  We will remember you always.  



Registered Quarter Horse

18 Years with Hooves! One of our very first! 

Shamrock belonged to a young girl at the barn where I used to train.  She rode English and used him for showing.  She was going away to college, and was planning to sell him. He had such bad arthritis he could not pass a vet check, so they decided to donate him in 2005. Hooves has paid for injections in his joints regularly to keep him comfortable, and he is now on multiple meds. Being a therapy horse has been the perfect job for him. 

We have owned Shamrock for 18 years, and he is a part of our family! He loves having his tummy scratched and his favorite thing to do is ride the trail!  He is a gentle giant.  



Quarter Horse

Joined the team January 2022

General was in desperate need of a forever home! At 18 years old, he had been cared for by a young girl who rode at Morning Star for about 7 years.  She was leaving for college and was so worried about what might become of General. Hooves was able to step in and give him a great retirement. He is gentle and sweet. Everyone at the barn comments on how happy he is now that he is a part of our herd!  


Norwegian Fjord

Joined our team in August 2021

We lease Freyja and are so grateful to be able to use her for rides!  She is a gentle, kind soul who loves kids.  She looks so much like our beloved Tanita, she has been a wonderful addition for our riders who would only ride Tanita! Thank you, Karen, for sharing her with us! 


horse cloud.jpg

Our angels...

Skip gave nearly ten years of his life to Hooves for Harmony. He was a wonderful therapy horse and a member of the family.  He is dearly missed, and made a difference in the lives of many, many children.

Rocky was Hooves for Harmony's very first therapy horse!  He was a rescued from horrible abuse and had to be rehabilitated to trust people again.  He spent 15 years working with children and connecting to people in a way that is hard to explain.  He was cuddly and loved attention. He was loved deeply by many riders and volunteers. He will never be forgotten.  


Sisco spent the last five years of his life as a beloved Hooves for Harmony horse.  Sisco was patient, kind, and loved children.  He is sorely missed.

Tanita was a vaulting horse, summer camp horse, therapy horse with Hooves, and a favorite of HUNDREDS of children. Carolyn Conner, the coach of Morning Star Vaulters, was kind enough to share this gem with us. She is dearly missed. 

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